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A trending therapy all over the world to get health benefits from an organic source. People use Himalayan Pink Salt around them to be fit and healthy. Actually, it makes the lungs healthy and very strong that can combat the diseases like COVID-19. Healthy and strong lungs give a healthy and active life.

How to build Himalayan Salt Wall

This is a very great thing to build the Himalayan Salt Wall. It helps in perfect decor and Home improvement. Salt Sauna, Health Spa, Wellness and Healing centers, Yoga centers, Gyms, and many more business owners add this Himalayan Salt Wall in their business for the Salt Sessions. And this gives them good earning.

Himalayan Salt Wall - Pink Salt Wall

Let's see that how to build the Himalayan Salt Wall. You just need Himalayan Salt Bricks or Salt Tiles and Salt Adhesive to connect those salt bricks and tiles. Now if you want to know where the Himalayan salt bricks come from and how are they manufactured after mining from the beds of the Himalayas. Here I would try to define you. Our miners in Pakistan go into the Salt Cave and extract the rock salt in the form of huge salt blocks. When these Himalayan Salt Blocks come into the factory, our labor starts cutting them into different shapes.

Rock Salt to Himalayan Salt Bricks

Our cutting staff is expert in crafting those Himalayan Salt Blocks into particular shapes. For building purposes, they mold it into the following sizes which utilize for building Himalayan Salt Wall or Salt Room.

Himalayan Salt Tiles 8" x 4" x 1" | Himalayan Salt Bricks 8" x 4" x 2" | Himalayan Salt Blocks 8" x 8" x 1"

These salt blocks can also be molded into different more shapes if needed. But these dimensions are standard sizes for building Himalayan Salt Wall. Because salt has a NaCl formula, there is no chemical that acts with it.

We researched and developed a special salt adhesive for Himalayan Salt. It is easy to apply and does not react with the NaCl formula. The effectiveness and efficiency of this salt adhesive are far better than normal glue. Now it is possible to build your own Himalayan Salt Wall without calling any specialist or handyman. You can build your own customized Himalayan Salt Wall by applying Salt Adhesive to the Salt Bricks. Salt Adhesive is transparent, and this makes it unique. Other adhesive materials will leave stains after drying. But this salt adhesive does not and dry relatively faster. It is applicable on plexiglass or wood. Some people use wood or plexiglass behind the Himalayan Salt Wall for support and it works well. Salt Adhesive is effective in high temperatures and does not melt. So it makes it easy to build a salt wall in the Salt Sauna.

What is Salt Therapy?

Speleotherapy is actually Salt therapy that is very popular nowadays for the past many years. People sit in the salt room or in such an environment where Himalayan Pink Salt is excessively present. Sitting near the Himalayan Salt Wall can also be beneficial. Some Salt Therapy specialist cover their floor with Granulated Himalayan Salt. When people sit for a particular time in the salty environment and there is no use of any halo-generator, it is called Speleotherapy or Salt Therapy. But the halotherapy uses a halo-generator to through too many salt particles in the air which are not necessary for the human body. This practice is not appropriate. Human needs a small number of particles that are naturally produced.

This is why we asked to sit in such an environment where Himalayan Salt is present in excess. And when it emits negative ions, the air becomes purify and the lungs become stronger. To perform Salt Therapy, there should be a Himalayan Salt Wall. And this is very common saying that it is best to have great impacts on the human body as well as mind. Salt Therapy calms the nervous system and cures various respiratory, skin, and anxiety-related issues. It all happens because of the healing powers of Himalayan pink salt.

Reasons of Salt Therapy Impact-fullness:

However, the confusion about whether salt therapy is effective or not is still there yet in most people. There are two reasons which can support the fact that Salt therapy is effective. If we start talking about the strong historical background of Salt Therapy then we cannot deny that this technique goes back decades. Because of the many historical events. The popular events include the Battle of Hydaspes, World War 2, and others. After discovering the healing powers of Himalayan pink salt, fortunately, people initiate this practice by spending time in the Himalayan salt caves and spaces. These practices discovered that salty air is good for the skin, mind, and respiratory system.

Logic of impact-fullness of Salt therapy

These accidentally performed practices are solid proof that Speleotherapy has strong roots. This fact has supported various researches theories about this therapy. Furthermore, the skilled people of the Khewra, Punjab mine and manufacture the Himalayan Salt by using special methods and take extreme care to save the minerals in it. The abundance of essential minerals gives it the amazing pink color and the famous name Himalayan pink salt. The color of the Himalayan Pink Salt matters, and it becomes the reason which makes Speleotherapy an impactful technique.

As people love to sit and relax near the Himalayan Salt Wall or in Salt Therapy. The healthy environment is just because of the Himalayan Salt Bricks which emit negative ions. Some suppliers are designing the whole Speleo-therapy cabin by using Himalayan Salt Bricks and Salt Adhesive which is a glue to connect bricks. Precisely, there is an intervention of the reasons with each other. As it is a sustainable technique because it’s supernatural. That’s exactly why it was proved to be healthy many centuries ago.

Modern Day Salt Therapy

The first-ever modern-day Salt therapy cabin was made in Poland through Himalayan Salt Bricks. And now these salt therapy cabins are available in every corner of Earth. People have also started making Speleotherapy cabins in their homes. As Himalayan Salt Bricks are available which make 70% of the modern-day Speleotherapy cabins. If you are thinking to create a customized salt therapy cabin at home or at your work setup. Then Himalayan Pink Salt Wall will definitely be your first choice to buy Himalayan Salt Bricks and salt adhesive. Pink Salt Wall is a 100% authentic and mature store for Himalayan Salt shopping. Its professional and legendary team has proven its value in the market. Himalayan Salt Bricks are available at discounted and wholesale prices. Visit our official website and enjoy a happy and great salt shopping ever!

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